Renovation of a flat or a house

We can turn your old apartment, villa or house into a fully renovated housing – with modern design, functionality and high level of energy efficiency.

Renovation of residential entrances and stairwells

The active use, the great number of people who use the stairwell and the building entrance daily are the reason for serious flaws in its appearance to arise. “Condor-Commerce” Ltd can offer a solution to such problems.

Renovation of a flat or a house

This is a comprehensive type of service. From the entrance door to the fully equipped kitchen – everything can be done to your taste with our help.

A full renovation includes:

  • Room refurbishment;
  • Bathroom and toilet refurbishment;
  • Electric installation replacement;
  • Plumbing replacement;
  • Production and setting-up of an armour-plated entrance door and interior doors, individual sizing and design for each client;
  • Replacement of windows, terrace and balcony glazing;
  • Bedroom and children’s room furniture;
  • Furniture for the hall and living room;
  • Individually designed kitchen.

Bring your ideas and leave the rest to us.

Renovation of residential entrances and stairwells

Often in the common premises of the residential buildings the need for repairs arises.

A full renovation of a residential entrance and stairwell includes:

  • Disassembly of old windows, production and installation of new windows from PVC profiles, German quality;
  • Electric installation and lighting replacement;
  • Flooring replacement;
  • Drywall installation on walls and ceilings;
  • Painting;
  • Disassembly of existing railings;
  • Production and setting-up of new railings;
  • Replacement of entrance door;
  • Full renovation of intercom system.

Our consultants will visit your building; assess the needed refurbishments; discuss their assessments with the Residence committee. We will give you our best offer, providing a balance between price and quality. All services are carried out with materials of the clients choosing.

Condor-Commerce Ltd offers to its clients a number of quality construction and renovation services. Contact us via phone or our Contact form. We will discuss your needs, we can give advice and make an offer.