Metal factory

Metal processing factory

In the industrial area of Vladislav Varnenchik neighbourhood Condor-Commerce has a metal processing factory which covers an area of over 1000 sq. m. The factory is equipped with machines for cold metal processing and electric welding. A great variety of metal products are produced here all by the client’s individual order and design, for example – metal doors, railings, park place stoppers, fences, lids, covers, ladders, etc.

Armour-plated entrance doors

The elements for the armour-plated entrance doors are also produced in the metal processing factory. The body of the doors is made of a massive metal construction specially designed to withstand burglary attempts. This construction is afterwards covered with veneered MDF sheets in a variety of designs. These sheets are later covered with water-based lacquer in different colours. The doors are equipped with a four-sided lock and Italian mountings. They offer a high level of security and protection from burglary and are at the same time an elegant finishing touch to your home.

Metal constructions

A number of elements for metal constructions are also produced here – roof, fence and others. Metal outbuildings are also produced in the factory and afterwards assembled on spot by our workers.

Railings and fences

Condor-Commerce Ltd has over 4500 sq. m production facilities where it produces quality furniture from particle boards, MDF and solid wood, armour-plated entrance doors and wooden interior doors, doors and windows from aluminum and PVC profiles and a variety of metal products. We work individually with each client to fully meet their needs and demands.