Façade and roof

Façade thermal insulation of houses and villas, façade plaster application

Condor-Commerce Ltd offers renovation of the façade of houses, villas and low residential buildings (up to three floors). We can offer an attractive new outlook for your building.

Roof constructions – repair and building

The company offers up-building of roof constructions from wood or metal, waterproofing and insulating. We can also do a full or partial reconstruction of existing roofs.

Contruction of winter gardens and gazebos

Condor-Commerce Ltd manufactures in its own facility elements for a variety of constructions from metal and wood. Produces elements and constructs outbuildings, gazebos, winter gardens, etc.

Façade thermal insulation of houses and villas, façade plaster application

Your house needs a new façade? You wish to increase the energy efficiency of your villa? Come to us!

The services we supply include:

  • removing existing plaster;
  • applying of thermal insulation;
  • applying of net and gypsum based plaster;
  • applying of new façade coating;
  • wall plastering with natural stone tiles or other materials.

Roof constructions – repair and building

All services have 5 years warranty.

Services include:

  • Reconstruction of existing and construction of new roofs;
  • Replacement and production of new wooden or metal constructions and sheathings;
  • Thermal insulation and waterproofing of roofs;
  • Applying of roof tiles – concrete, ceramic and bituminous.

Condor-Commerce Ltd offers to its clients a number of quality construction and renovation services. Contact us via phone or our Contact form. We will discuss your needs, we can give advice and make an offer.