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“Condor-Commerce” Ltd

“Condor-Commerce” Ltd is a company that has worked in construction and operated on the Varna market since 1996. The firm is a successor of a small company formed in 1991 “Condor – Peter Vladimirov” SP. The owner of the company has been in construction for a long time over the years, which helped him acquire and transfer into his company a great amount of production experience.

Field of activity

The main field of activity of “Condor-Commerce” Ltd is construction of buildings and structures for housing, production and administrative purposes. The methods and practices of building are fully in accordance with Bulgarian laws. The company is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and is on record in the Central Professional Builders’ Register – certificate # I – TV 014661.

The vision of the company's leaders

The vision of the company’s leaders is to eliminate staff turnover, to maintain a continuous and steady production process, to invest in implementing contemporary innovative materials and technology in order to constantly improve the quality of the building product. In the production practices of the company enormous emphasis is placed on the customer satisfaction.

Ready to live in

High level of completion of the construction product.


Using exceptionally high-quality Bulgarian materials.


Individual approach to each client.

Service guarantee

Quality and expedience in guarantee services and support.

Year-round employment of staff


Staff turnover


Healthy and safe working conditions provided


Social Commitment

“Condor-Commerce” Ltd’s social commitment has been established over the years. A leading goal of the company leadership is to guarantee constant year-round employment of their staff. Providing healthy and safe working conditions during the production process is a priority, because a compromise with human health is intolerable.

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