Factory for PVC and aluminium profiles

Factory for the production of doors and windows from PVC and aluminium profiles

One of the production branches of the company is a fully equipped factory for the production of doors and windows from PVC and aluminum profiles. There for over ten years Condor-Commerce’s specialists have manufactured high-quality products in a variety of colours and sizes.

Аluminium profiles

The aluminum profiles are acquired from Bulgarian representatives of the best European producers. The warranty for all manufactured products is two years. In this brand of products we offer many types of windows, doors – for out-door or indoor use, partition walls for bathrooms, hallways, living rooms and bedrooms, terrace, porch and balcony glazing, gazebos and winter gardens. The profiles are delivered in a variety of colours. All products are manufactured according to each clients’ requirements.

"Condor-Commerce" Ltd works with the Profilink Seriez Z Profiles

Since 2021 “Condor-Commerce” Ltd has been working in cooperation with Profilink Ltd. The Series Z Profiles, produced in Bulgaria, offer a high level of protection from the environment, a variety of colours and modern design.  The glazing of the windows is done with 24 mm insulating glass, which in addition can be low-emission, reflective and coloured.

Production and montage of high quality PVC profiles

From PVC profiles the company manufactures and assembles windows, balcony doors, doors for indoor and outdoor use, terrace and porch glazing, gazebos, winter gardens, etc. all products are individually manufactured and assembled by our specialists.

Condor-Commerce Ltd has over 4500 sq. m production facilities where it produces quality furniture from particle boards, MDF and solid wood, armour-plated entrance doors and wooden interior doors, doors and windows from aluminum and PVC profiles and a variety of metal products. We work individually with each client to fully meet their needs and demands.