Residential and administrative Building, 2, 4a Naroden Yumruk Str.

These two projects in adjacent lots adorn the Levski neighbourhood since 2011. They are situated near the Varna Technical University and together with another two previous buildings of the company form a lovely residential complex. With their beautiful façade they still draw the attention of passers-by.

Residential and Administrative Building 2 Naroden Yumruk Str.

Built-up-area: 1 145 sq. m
Apartments: 5
Ateliers: 3
Shop: 1
Parking places: 7
Started: August 2010
Completed: May 2012

Residential building, 4a Naroden Yumruk Str.

Built-up-area: 2 400 sq. m
Apartme: 17 бр.
Гаражи: 17 бр.
Магазини: 2 бр.
Дата на започване: 2010 г.
Дата на завършване: Септември 2011 г.