In construction

Residential Building, 7 Atanas Manolov Str.

“Condor-Commerce” Ltd begins the construction of a new residential building. The building site is situated in an attractive and quickly developing area, in close proximity of one of the largest trade centers in the city and the central bus station.

The building has six storeys, and consists of twelve apartments, ground floor with parking places and two garages and a basement. The designed apartments are spacious and sunny, meeting entirely the requirements of the modern customers. All flats are completely finished, including tiling and fully equipped bathroom and toilet.

Built-up-area: 1 157 sq. m
Apartments: 12
Garages: 2
Parking places: 9
Started: September 2018
Finishing date:

Residential Building, 4a Liuliak Str.

Condor-Commerce’s most recent project, a five-storey residential buildingwith built-up area of 1 617 sq. m, is situated in the city of Varna, close to “Spartak” stadium. This is a very interesting location. Near the building you can find a shopping center and a sports complex where many different types of sport can be practiced. In the area there are several schools and kinder gardens. At the same time the spot is well away from the major, noisy streets of the city where the heavy traffic is.

The building faces two streets, which makes the apartments very light and open, with a nice, wide view. The necessary number of parking places is provided. We offer different type of parking places – garages, parking spots in the basement and parking spots in the courtyard.

Built-up-area: 1 617 sq. m
Apartments: 16
Garages: 5
Parking places: 13
Started: December 2015
Finishing date: 2018